Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th July barbeque at the Lake

Woohoo! Today it's Independance Day or 4th July depending on what you'd like to call it.

How come June passed by so quickly? Where did it go? Anyhow today is a day off from work and just a day to spend by the lake to swim and enjoy the water and the company of one's friends and family all the while looking forward to a barbeque in the evening. We'll be having hot potato salad, grilled corn on cob, with a freshly sliced onion and tomato salad all accompanied by homemade burgers cooked over the grill will all the toppings. (I hope that I have all the ingredients as I want to follow the recipe for the burgers by Curtis Stone since they just look so good despite being published this morning!)  followed by Flag Cake and vanilla ice cream. Simple but good. Yes, admittedly its all homemade but I have used Smitten Kitchen's cake recipe and David Lebovitz's ice cream recipe so it should be good!

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