Monday, July 23, 2012

Events at Lake Paradise

This week is so busy since there's several events according the latest notice sent by the Paradise Lake Association

On Wednesday July 25, there's the Greenbelt Open House at the Guernsey's on Carleton Cove.  

On Saturday, July 28, is the pig roast at Clyde's benefiting the Paradise Lake Improvement Board.  The meal starts at 1 p.m. and cost is $8 per person.  The news is that if you can bring a side dish or help out at all you should call Angie Berry at 537-3025.

There is also a boating safety class conducted on Saturday by the Emmet County Sheriff's office.  The class is free but you must preregister so call 231-439-8100 if you're thinking of taking it.  Attendees will get a certificate.

Oh more good news is that on June 13 of this year that over 25,000 fingerlings (the name for walleye fry) were put in Paradise Lake. The DNR intends to reistante its three year stocking walleye (its a program that doesn't cost anything to the local community). The program had stopped as a consequence of the viral hemoragic sympton but research has demonstrated that the walleye fry are not infected with the deadly virus.  

Lazy days

Some times it's good to able to be lazy. I was busy 'surfing' the web since it's just been too hot and I'd already spent a good chunk of my day soaking in the lake...(oh yes, it is Paradise Lake - bad pun I know) but I found this blog. Every day a new photograph is posted on a blog called Michigan in Pictures. I also discovered today that the majority of Michigan is suffering from a severe drought which includes UP and North Michigan. Anyhow to take my mind off the hot weather I passed some time checking out the blog.
I discovered that there's a lovely photograph from the Mackinac Lilic Festival which was posted during the month of June. It's a stunning photograph [June in Michigan] and should remind me why I should have gone to this year's Mackinac Island Lilac Festival! Next year guess where I'm going ;-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th July barbeque at the Lake

Woohoo! Today it's Independance Day or 4th July depending on what you'd like to call it.

How come June passed by so quickly? Where did it go? Anyhow today is a day off from work and just a day to spend by the lake to swim and enjoy the water and the company of one's friends and family all the while looking forward to a barbeque in the evening. We'll be having hot potato salad, grilled corn on cob, with a freshly sliced onion and tomato salad all accompanied by homemade burgers cooked over the grill will all the toppings. (I hope that I have all the ingredients as I want to follow the recipe for the burgers by Curtis Stone since they just look so good despite being published this morning!)  followed by Flag Cake and vanilla ice cream. Simple but good. Yes, admittedly its all homemade but I have used Smitten Kitchen's cake recipe and David Lebovitz's ice cream recipe so it should be good!