Sunday, April 29, 2012

Views, walks, bicycles and fun!

The maple sugar season is over...until next year since the buds on the trees have appeared. 

Spring is clearly arriving in full force and the 23rd 23rd Annual Zoo-De-Mackinac is coming up! Woohoo. It looks really exciting as it’s a weekend of fun (as well as exercise) which involves a scenic bike ride which is 51 miles in length along the shores of Lake Michigan. The ride starts in the morning at Boyne Highlands Resort and the route passes through rolling countryside so that riders can experience the stunning sight of trillium covered forests, sandy beaches as well as the views of Lake Michigan from 400ft bluffs!’s amazing. There’s a scheduled stop at Legs Inn for lunch and afterwards everyone continues to Mackinaw City where the Arnold Ferry Line have chartered boats ready and waiting to take everyone to Mackinac Island. Once everyon is on the island everyone can attend the party and listen to several bands. The bicycle ride is good fun and preparation for the 9th Annual Mackinac Memorial Day Bridge Race which is if you don’t remember one of only two unique opportunities of the year when runners are allowed to run across the bridge.

Otherwise Mother’s Day is coming up! What activities exist nearby? Perhaps hike in the Historic Mill Creek or in the Wilderness State Park which is 11 miles west of Mackinaw City, at the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula or even the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum. Decisions...decisions.


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